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FS Contqax ST 85mm f14mm and the 50mm f14 lens


I recently bought from B&H a near mint Contax ST with manual that I'm forced to sell. I also have a 85mm f/1.4mm lens with hood in fantastic condition and a 50mm f/1.4 ae lens. I'd like to sell them all at once if anyone is interested.

I sold a lens on the list before to a very happy buyer, and you can check out my ebay and paypal ratings. This is from my own collection. I'm willing to consider any reasonable offers. I'd like to get $800.00





I would like to purchase all three items from you. Please send me your Email so I can make you an offer off of the list posting.
Do you have any accessories or other Contax pieces you wish to sell.
Am I correct that the 85mm is an "MM" lens?

Where are you located and how much would you charge for shipping to Nashville, Tennessee?

Thank you for your reply.
Michael Korak