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FS (Europe): Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon T CF FLE 50 mm F/4.0 Lens


New Member
I am selling my CF/FLE version of this 50mm wide-angle lens, which is said to be one of the sharpest lenses in the Zeiss lineup for the Hasselblad V system.

Normal signs of use and some rub marks on the barrel and the lettering. The optics however are absolutely pristine and clean, free from scratches, cleaning marks, fungus and the like. No oil on blades, aperture stop-down, exposure times, flash sync etc. fully functional without any issues.

Asking 750€ for this great lens in its original Hasselblad leather satchel with both caps. Price includes shipping by DHL to EU countries (please request a quote for worldwide delivery). Payment by bank transfer or PayPal (+ 3.4% PayPal fees). Local pickup can be arranged in Munich/Germany and southern surroundings.

If you need more info or pictures, please ask. I've sold to happy buyers on GetDPI, LUF and LuLa before, and I've got a
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. Thanks for looking!

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