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FS Extra 45mm F2 Planar


Well-Known Member
Hello all!

I recently bought another G1 to use as a spare body, but had to purchase it with a 45/2 Planar attached and I already have one and don't need two.

I know that a number of people here like this lens, or want to try it, and some have even had this lens converted for use on Leicas. If anyone here is interested, I am selling my spare.

This lens is in perfect shape, and comes with front and rear caps. I can let it go to a forum member for a "no haggle" price of $150.00 US plus shipping via Paypal, saving me from having to post it on an auction site. I will ship worldwide at actual cost. If anyone wants one of these fine lenses at a great price, let me know soonest or I will post it on e-bay. I can be reached at

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