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FS: for Xpan, PCNikkor 28mm, complete set

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FS: PC-Nikkor 3.5/28mm with Xpan adapter, custom-machined metal shade, UV filter plus the necessary protective caps.

The PC-Nikkor is a full-metal lens, no plastic tube etc, in the best traditions of Nikon. Glass is excellent, as are the mechanics, smooth focusing and smooth shift adjustment.
In case you want to use it on a Nikon as a Perspective-Correction lens it is good to know it has been upgraded with a chip that allows modern Nikons to read focal length etc.

The Xpan adapter allows you to use the Nikkor as a poor-man's substitute for the very expensive original Hasselblad 30mm.

See the pictures!





Xpan shown is obviously not included :)

Asking EUR 485 excl shipping. Shipping is at cost, no handling or packaging.
Should you live in the area, you are welcome to pick it up in Arnhem, the Netherlands.