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FS Hasselblad 1000F with 80mm & 135mm Lenses, 2 Backs, Sport Finder, More

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The Hasselblad 1000F was the second camera Hasselblad produced, and it preceded the 500 (V) series. Unlike the 1600F, which had serious shutter problems, the 1000F is more reliably designed, and it has a max shutter speed of 1/1000th (try that, you 500cm owners!). The shutter is in the body, not the lens, which actually simplifies the mechanics of the camera and makes it a little lighter than the 500c which followed (the Kiev is, as far as I understand it, a close copy of the 1000f).

This one is in very good condition and had a recent CLA at Panorama Camera in Manhattan (I can enclose the receipt) -- the shutter speeds are spot on, and the camera functions perfectly. There is a corner in the finder that was scratched by a previous owner, but that's the only imperfection -- the backs are in great shape (there are two of them) and they both come with dark slides.

Included is the standard 80mm Zeiss lens, which is in good user shape, with no scratches or haze in the elements, although there is some "Schneideritis" around the inside of the lens barrel that will not affect the images shot with it -- and the Hasselblad made 135mm lens, which is highly regarded for its sharpness and contrast (a great lens overall); the 135mm has a small one millimeter sized mark on the rear element but is otherwise in great shape. It's also lighter than the later Hasselblad telephoto lenses, which are long and bulky -- this one is svelte and comes with original caps.

Also included is the original, specially designed locking cable release that goes with the 1000F and 1600F bodies and the sport finder, which includes both the 135mm and the 250mm lucite masks (the 135mm mask has a crack in it but it fits in the sport finder just fine). Also comes with a genuine Hasselblad leather hand strap.

Note that although the 1000F precedes the later V series, this camera will accept Hasselblad prism finders -- so you easily put a prism or even a metered finder on this body to make it even easier to use.

Asking $1200 for everything, or your best offer, via PayPal.