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FS Hasselblad 135 CT lens and auto bellows £240


New Member
For sale is my hasselblad 135 CT lens and autobellows. £240 plus shipping.

The lens has no fungus. It has a few minor coating marks on the front of the lens and a couple of specks of dust inside the lens. Otherwise it is clean. There are a couple of specks of paint missing inside the lens (see top of photo of rear lens element). There are a few minor marks on the barrel. The shutter works fine. The lens takes great pictures.

The bellows work fine and are light tight.

I have more photos available.

Shipping costs within the UK insured special delivery £9.75, Royal mail Airsure tracked and insured within the EU £19, worldwide £28. The customs declaration outside of the EU will state the purchase price of the lens.

Please PM me if you have any queries or need further pictures.




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