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FS: Hasselblad 2000FC w/adapted Pentax 500mm f4.5

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Here is something you won't see everyday --> I have a 2000FC body with a Pentax 500mm f4.5 lens that has been specifically adapted to work on a Hasselblad V-series. Also included is a Hasselblad trigger grip. Sadly, this set-up has been in a case, unused for a few years now - I am sure someone will get some great use out of this unique set-up. $1250 obo

If a buyer is interested in a complete set-up, I also have a Planar T* 80mm f/2.8, a couple extra backs, finders, a flash pistol grip, etc. - I am sure we can figure something out.


Here's some pictures:






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On one count Pentax wins hands down: maintenance. They Just Work.. and Keep Working.

Superior lubrication in helicoids etc ensure you don't end with stiff focusing and that kind of fun. I have a Pentax K from the 1950s and it feels like new..

Hasselblad apparantly never bothered to keep up with development there. I've had too many C-lenses in my hands that are in desperate need for maintenance.


Peter in Cairns

New Member
Dear Jeff,
I am interested.
How well is the 2000FC working?
I am looking for a beautiful one of these focal plane shutter Hasselblads.
Also is the tripod and mount included?
If so how much would it cost to send to Cairns Qld Australia?

Kind regards

Peter Enright