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FS Hasselblad CFi/CFE lenses

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Earl R

New Member
I am selling all of my excellent Hasselblad lenses. Here are the lenses and they are all in excellent condition.

Hasselblad Distagon CFE 4/40 IF (sharp from corner to corner) -- $4,200
Hasselblad Distagon CFi 4/50 (Excellent close focus)-- $2,000
Hasselblad Distagon CFi 3.5/60 (Hard to find lens)-- $1,800
Hasselblad Plannar CFi 3.5/100 -- $1.800
Hasselblad Sonnar Cfi 4/180 (Wonderful all purpose lens) -- $1,600
Hasselblad Sonnar Cfi 5.6/250 -- $2,400

If you were to to go Flickr, and view photos/pogo3 you will be able to see images of these lenses.
I have tried to set the prices competitively with the market place.
Thanks for looking.