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FS:Hasselblad FE 60-120mm lens

Cyril Jayant

Well-Known Member
Hi there every one!
I have a Hasselblad 60-120mm lens to give away. This lens is Nearley New as I had hardly used it due to the Weight and bulkness. I'll call it a more than mint
and.. on the side of the chocolate and rashpberry for me. I bought it brand-new with my 203FE and now I am looking for a FE 80mm. The qualiy of the lens is inpecable as if you know about XPAN quality. Yes this lens in made from FUGI as well but named Hasselblad. Thie lens suits only for FOCAL PLANE SHUTTER Cameras like 203FE and 202FA.
So any one is interested ? please send me a line. Thanks.


Well-Known Member
Someone should grab this lens while Cyril still is offering such a deal. I have this lens and use it regularly for landscape work. Of course I virtually never shoot landscapes that are not shot from a tripod. Actually I think that the weight mass of the 202FA and the 60-120 helps to steady the tripod during the exposure which I usually release using the mirror up 2 second self timer delay. A wonderful lens for composing in the finder so that no image space is wasted.

Good shooting,