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FS: Hasselblad Forum magazines (64 pcs)


Well-Known Member
In my attempt to collect all Hasselblad (Forum) magazines I have ended up with a stock of 64 pieces which I have more than once. These will go on sale via one (or more?) used book sites, unless anyone is interested in the whole lot.
Please be aware: these are in GERMAN !
I am looking for 190 euro (excl shipping) for the lot.
Drop me email for details if you're interested.


Well-Known Member

I have thrown away most of my "Forums" last year . Too much paper and no time to look into any of them .
I prefer to collect the cameras although much more expensive . I know .

Any Hasselblad collectors here ?


Olof B

Well-Known Member
Collector, collector....
I kind of end up with more and more Hasselblad stuff.
And with that also printed matters.

And I wish that I had put more effort into the German-lectures in the high school. (some 20 years ago...)