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FS: Hasselblad H3DII-39, HC80, HC50-110 lenses and accesories


Hi all,

I am selling my barely used
Hasselblad H3DII-39 camera, lenses and accesories
all working perfect.

H3DII-39 --> 5000 euros
with HVD90X prism finder, battery grip, charger, strap, software, manual,
firewire 800 cable, front cap, magazine and prism cover,
purchased 1 year ago, no marks on screens or body, 2381 actuations

HC80mm 2.8 lens --> 1000 euros
purchased 1 year ago, excellent shape, work perfect, pristine glasses,with caps and hood, only 2475 actuations

HC50-110mm 3.5-4.5 lens --> 1750 euros
purchased 1 year ago, excellent shape, with caps, hood, original box
only 2011 actuations

Battery Grip CR-123A --> 90 euros
marks on the grip but working properly

The whole outfit --> 7500 euros

All prices net to me, I can ship worlwide,
preferably I will send to EU members
ideally collection here in Madrid

This is a private sale, I have the original receipt of the camera and lenses
I will accept paypal payment or bank transfer,
for regular paypal add 3.5% EU members, outside EU add 5%

I have feedback on getpdi, fredmiranda, dpreview forums and the auctions site.
More pics and references upon request.

Some pics of the outfit:










I would happily swap my entire V-system Hasselblad with 5 lenses CFV-16 back, 2 film back 2 camera bodies 503cx and 500 elm and ext tubes all housed in a hasselblad hard case, loads of filters and accessories.


I would value my whole kit around the same as yours.


I can include the CR123 battery grip with the camera.

I would trade for EU members for a Nikon D800 and/or Zeiss makro 100mm ZF.2

Tomorrow all will be listed on ebay (at a higher price)

Last pic:

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The only Zeiss lenses I have are all for the Hasselblad 503CX you are welcome to them all, don't have a Nikon though.


camera sold now on LuLa forum, tomorrow morning go to UK.

Update prices:

HC 50-110mm lens: 1700 euros insured shipping included

HC 80mm lens: 950 euros insured shipping included