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FS: Metz 45CT1 flash unit


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For sale: Metz 45CT1 "hammer head" flash unit.

This is one of these industructible Metz designs. It has 5 "computer" aka automatic settings, plus manual. Guidenumber is 45 at ISO100. It runs off 6 penlight / AA batteries, or NiMH/NiCd rechargable batteries. The reflector is rotatable and can have its elevation changed, as shown on the pictures.

It comes with:
- wide angle diffusor (mounted on the pictures below)
- coiled sync lead
- normal sync lead
- AA battery cage

In addition to the above I found the charger and the NiCd battery holder.
The actual NiCd cells have been removed (they died :-( ) so if you want to use this you will need to put 6 replacement NiMH cells in. NiCd cells are no longer available as they are seriously bad news to the environment.

Asking EUR 45. Shipping is at cost. Paypal at 3% surcharge, I strongly prefer an IBAN bank transfer. Currently located in the Netherlands.

Reason for selling: there are only so many flash units you can use as a photographer :)

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Its still there

Just realised I still have the Metz sitting here. She(/he?) can go for the reduced price of EUR 35