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FS: Mint Hasselblad Auto Bellows & Lens Shade

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For sale is my Hasselblad Automatic Bellows Extension (40517) & Lens Shade (40525)

It connects the camera body to the lens and lets you work in the same way you do when the lens is connected directly to the camera. (May be limited light metering with the bodys 202FA, 203FE, 205FCC and similar)

- The Auto bellows provides extensions continuously from 63,5mm to 202mm
- The Lens Shade protects perfectly well from straylight
- The bellows work excellent and are light tight

- Both the Auto bellows and the shade are as good as new, no scratches or other demage. The only difference with "NEW" is, that I bought it.

Both are boxed, manuals are included.

Price: Euro 1000,-- plus shipping

Please PM me if you have any queries or need further pictures.

This is a private sale, there is no warranty or exchange