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FS N digital

I am selling my ND with D cell battery box, 3 sets rechageables, IB, chimney type viewer for screen in sunlight in original box. $2800.00 USD
If the body sells I have 6 N lenses to market. body buyer would have first choice. 50/1.4, 28-80, 70-300, 17-35, 24-84 and 100 macro. thanks. pleased to answer any questions. gary
Now for the lenses:
All except the 100 have hoods, some with cases and some with boxes. The condition is e+ or better with only one exception, the 17-35 has a 1/8" mark in the coating but it does not effect the image in any way. They are all quite clean with no serious wear marks and clean glass.

17-37 $875 USD
24-85 $650
28-80 $250
50/1.4 $275
100/ macro $550
70-300 $650

all plus shipping, insurance and any paypal fees.
pleased to answer questions and I will furnish pics as requested but they all look like the catalog. Ask Marc Williams about the 70-200 he purchased form me.


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Except for the 24-85, those are give-away prices. Darn, where were you when I was assembling my N system?