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FS RTSIII and three lenses28mm85mm180mm



-RTSIII (Boxed). Very good condition! Only U$670,00.
-Distagon T* 28mm F2.0, Optics and coating are perfect and there is normal use on the barrel. Original caps but no box or pouch.Only U$490,00.
-Plannar T* 85mm F1.4, Made in Germany. Very good condition. Only U$510,00.
-Sonar T* 180mm F2.8. Almost mint! Only U$550,00
Additional fee to ship worldwide!


Please provide me with your lowest acceptable price for all of your items to include Insured Shipment to the united States.

Are any or all of the lenses MM. And may I ask why you are selling these items.

Thank you


Hi Michael,
Shipment price depends on quantity. One lens cost around U$50 to be shipped to United States by FEDEX or DHL. I have no idea the price to ship all equipment. I will have to check it out.
All lenses are MM!
The reason I am selling them is becouse I have two cameras. I am keeping the RX and one zoon lens 35-70mm F3.4 Recently I bought the Canon digital camera EOS 10D therefore I am not shooting much with analogic 35mm.
Rodrigo, porque nesse forum vc está afirmando que reside no Rio de Janeiro e no ML vc diz que esta em Sta Catarina? Aonde vc está afinal?? Qual o melhor preço na RTSIII mais a 85 mm??