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FS: Sigma SD10 with lenses


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Sigma SD10 DSLR Camera complete with its two kit lenses:

Camera body, 3,458 shots according to the filename sequence
18-50mm AF Zoom f/3.5-5.6 DC plus a macro reverser ring 52/58mm
50-200mm AF Zoom f/4-5.6 DC with UV filter but no front cap
Both lenses have their Sigma hoods
Sigma camera bag
Sigma camera strap
AC power adapter, needs USA plug but will work on 120 volts
USB and FireWire data cables
Original Sigma CD with Photo Pro v 2.0
USB Jump Drive with Sigma Photo Pro 5.1 and SD10 Manual on it
2 GB CF in-camera memory card (you will need a CF card reader)

AA batteries (4 needed) are not included.

Asking $400 plus cost of your choice of USPS shipping, insurance and
delivery confirmation.

A USA sale is preferred, International can be such a pain. PayPal is
preferred in USA but mandatory for an International sale.

Can post specific pictures on request.

Please e-mail me at



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Big Reduction before posting on eBay

Big reduction for quick sale . .

Now down to $350 plus shipping estimated at $15 in USA.


Sorry about the big pic, it's next stop is eBay.

More (and smaller) pics of all the included stuff here:

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Best Regards,



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Final Reduction before sending to eBay

Was going to put it on eBay Sunday but got lazy, which is your gain!

Now asking $325 plus $15 shipping in USA.