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FS: Sigma SD15 with Nikon-F pro mount


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Sigma SD15 with Nikon-F pro mount



Lightly used, in excellent condition and fully functional. The camera has been modified with the Nikon-F pro mount (a $350USD value) from Sigma Cum Laude so you can use lots of Nikon-F lenses with this camera (without electronic lens control). The original SA factory mount is included if you want to switch back (in order to use Sigma lenses with electronic lens control).

Inside is the wonderfully great and unique FOVEON sensor, capturing actual color for each pixel without any interpolation. This camera is especially suited for the photographer who has time to creatively compose shots - landscape, portrait, wildlife, studio, etc.. A very creative tool.

On (US), this camera is currently selling for $929USD NEW. And the package I'm offering would be worth near $1300USD NEW.

Buy from me for $750USD obo plus shipping.

Paypal accepted.
Prefer buyer in Los Angeles area. International shipping (TBD) will raise the price accordingly and require a 2 week payment clearance. Selling "as is."