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FS: Sinar F2 for Hasselblad H-System

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I have my Lageformat Camera for Hasselbad System for Sale.
The Set ist Complete and Ready for Shoot and in excellent condition.
The Details

1x Sinar F2 with front and Back standard and Mainbank and the Bankholder.
1x Bank extension 15cm
1x Normal Below
1x WW Below 2
1x Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon 65mm f1:5,6
1x Slidingadapter for International Mount to Hasselblad H with Acute Mate.
the AcuteMate has an Mount for Hasselbald V Prisma

Complete for 1500,00 EUR
Shipping is wordwide posible and also express. The Shippingcoast coming on top.

Questens? Ask :)

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