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FS ST Aria Distagon 2825 and 1435 Planar 1485 Sonnar 28135


New Member
Hi all,
I decided to switch to a digital equipment so I have to sell my beloved Contax bodies and Zeiss Lenses.
This is what i'm selling:

1) Contax ST con dorso Data - Cond. B - original box, manual, data back.
2) Contax Aria - Cond. A - original box, manual.
3) Contax 139Q + vertical grip/winder Contax 139 Winder II -
Cond B - original box, manual.

1) Carl Zeiss Distagon 25/2,8 MM - Cond. AB - original box and leather case.
2) Carl Zeiss Distagon 35/1,4 - Cond. A - original leather case
- Lens Made in West Germany
3) Carl Zeiss Planar 85/1,4 - Cond. B - not original leather case - Made in West Germany.
4) Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135/2.8 - Cond. B.

More info and pictures at this page.
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Note: in the pictures you see also a planar 1.4/50 and a s-planar 2.8/60, which has already been sold.

I'm located in Italy, but I sell everywhere. Make me an offer for the whole stuff or for a single item.

For further information, hi-res pics o everything else, write me at (in english or italian, please).

If you want to know me before making an offer, this is my blog (in italian):
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Hi Pietro,

could you please post this at the same time also in the new classified section? This will give you even more exposure:

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