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FS Tamron 2425


Active Member
I would like to offer following lens, a nice Tamron MF 24/2,5. Lenses are clean, no scratches etc. (had protection filter always on). Lens is aprox.4 years old. Not much used, but labels are partly wipe off (paited on lens with color only). I can send photos of the lens. Cant estimate the price, never seen this one sold round here. New cost me 420EUR here. I would prefer deal.
It is possible to focus close- min.20cm, has a macro 1:4. I have enlargements from the lens, size 30*45 and 45*60-vignetation is not visible on them. If you are interested, contact me at my email address- send me a PM with your offer.
Can offer also necessary adaptalls- for Y/C or FD Canon will add along with the lens. I guarantee perfect function of the lens, or money back. Pavel