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FS - Three 150mm Lenses

David Winter

Active Member
Three lenses in this posting; obviously I don't expect anyone to buy all three...they are available separately.

One 150mm CF #7195191 in extremely nice condition. Includes front and rear caps. Very slight bright marks on front and rear bayonet mounts. USD500

One 150mm CF #6917653 in pristine condition. This lens has seen minimal use. Includes front and rear caps. No marks on either front or rear bayonet mounts. USD550

One 150mm C #4133440 non -T-Star well-used but still performs well. Some
numbers are worn off. Perfect for a newcomer on a tight budget. USD110

All three lenses are dust/fungus free, with smooth focus and clean shutters which sound reasonably accurate. Shipping is USD35 via EMS globally.

Reluctantly selling, but I recently purchased 150 and 180 CFi lenses and need $ for a digital back.


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