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FS: (UK) contax 139 winder II

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New Member
Obviously old but was only used briefly. "Leather" looks whitish. but otherwise in excellent condition. Appears to work fine (no camera to test on). I am thinking of listing on ebay. Is anyone here interested in this sort of thing?

I also have C/Y fit Makinon extension tubes approx 20mm and 29mm. The larger is optionally a 2x converter - the optics being removable with a little key (included). Pretty old - 20+ years?) but appears mint. Mechanical auto aperture etc. There is a case (bit bashed around). I used (from new) on a Contax 139 a handful of times.


New Member
Now on EBAY

You could get Contax winder II for £10.00!!! And I haven't seen a better example.

Also other stuff including 2x converter extension tubes lens/body caps.

Search ebay (uk) for "139 Winder" and see "my other items" too!