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FS: Ultimate CFV Kit! 7 lenses 40-350

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Ultimate Hasselblad Digital Kit

I have up for sale the ultimate digital kit, complete, nothing else to buy, nothing to compare to. What is it? To start with, 501CM body chrome with waist level finder (box), A12 and A24 backs. PME51 45 degree finder (box), meter is accurate! On to the lenses, 40 CF FLE (non IF), 50 CF, 60 CF, 80 CB, 100 CF (box), 180 CFi (box) , 350 CF leather case – 7 lenses in all. Hasselblad Pro lens shade with coupling rings for Bay 60, Bay 70 and the elusive series 8 for the older C lenses (30, 50, 60). Hasselblad 100-250 Bay 60 hood. Extension tubes: 16 and 21.

Now I did say this is the Ultimate Hasselblad Digital system in the title right? The fat pixel, 16 mpx CFV back! This is the first version of the back, it just had a complete checkout, where they went through everything at the factory in Denmark. It has a six month warranty on the repairs done (till Nov 2011), which included the replacement of the clock battery and complete recalibration of the CCD. In addition, the original IR filter was replaced with the updated IR filter that is installed in the CFVII. This IR filter has improved performance over the original IR filter. If you are looking for a CFV to buy, you should be aware that the Achilles heel of the back is the rechargeable clock battery that needs to be charged from the Firewire cable regularly to maintain the charge. The back has all of the accessories, connection cables, “L” battery adapter for SWC and EL use, two batteries and charger.

Rating of each item: 1-10
1= Really ugly, use as door stop
5=Shows signs of use glass clean
10=Fresh and clean out of box

40 CF – 7+ barrel of the lens shows normal use, no serious scratches or abuse. Glass has minor marks on the coating that do not affect images. I rated this lower due to the coating marks, some may object to it, but you really have to view this under the right light conditions for the defects to appear. Glass is free from hazing and internal dust, shutter is accurate.

50 CF – 8+ barrel shows normal signs of use, lens hood ring shows normal “brassing” from removal of hood. Glass is clean and clear of defects shutter is accurate.

60 CF – 8+ barrel shows normal signs of use, the f8 marking on the aperture ring is rubbed off. Glass is clean and clear of defects shutter is accurate.

80 CB – 10 Shows no signs of use, really did not use this lens much. Glass is clean and clear of defects shutter is accurate.

100 CF – 9 Very little signs of use on the barrel,

180 CFi – 9+ Really hard to tell from new, with box

350 CF – 9+ Very clean with hood, case and UV filter aftermarket tripod collar, glass is clean and clear, shutter accurate.

501 CM Chrome – 9+ Really clean, light traps are free from the normal signs of wear only a slight rub on the interior front lens mount.

A12 back – 9+ New style with dark slide holder

A24 back -9+

Hasselblad Pro lens shade with adapters for Bay 60, Bay 70 and Series 8 - 8+

Hasselblad PME 51 - 9+ prism is clean and clear, meter is accurate.

In summary, a true system, just go out and shoot!

All of this equipment together, is heavy and shipping costs will have to be on you, in all, the equipment in a ThinkTank International traveler rolling case weighs in at 35 pounds. I will be in San Francisco June 20 to June 22 and can hand deliver and give instruction on use. Local pickup in the Seattle area is also possible.

Asking $12,995 for everything

The photos show the 501 CM and CFV which for all intentions show little use and more importantly, abuse. The photos of the 40 show the spots on the coating, which to show in the photos was a challenge but do not affect images. I tried hard to force the issue with side lighting and a dark subject, back lighting etc but could not see it affecting the image.


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  • 40_CF-5.jpg
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