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[Sold/reserved until money arrived] FS: (Worldwide) Hasselblad HC 35mm

Hello, going to sell some of my Hasselblad gear. (Just for EU)

All accessories and Lens i could send by post mail carrier ( just EU ) with earlier paypal payment or bank transfer.

# 3 Original Leather H lens pouch Small/Medium/Large All like new - 79€ (all 3 with shipping and paypal fees included)

# 95mm Filter Hasselblad Cirlcular Polarizer - Pristine Condition with no marks or scratchs, like new - 219€ (with shipping and paypal fees included)

# Hasselblad HC 35mm - Pristine Condition with no marks or scratch's, like new - 1500 actuation's - Asking 1850€ plus shipping and paypal fees. Of course you can pick it up locally in my beautiful Lisbon city !!!

Any questions or Pics of the material, please PM,