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FS Zeiss 100300VS 28 f28 18 f4


Active Member
I am raising funds for a Canon 1D mkII and consider selling my beloved Zeiss glasses:

100-300mm Vario-Sonnar, MM, as new condition/ mint+, with pouch and dedicated rubber hood, glass in pristine condition. Perfect working order and zoom ring is silky smooth. This is a razor sharp lens and known to be the sharpest 100-300 zoom ever made. $1200

18 f4 Distagon,AE, made in W. Germany, with Contax 70-86 step-up ring, 86mm Contax metal lens cap, excellent conditions, glass clean, no dust, no scratch, no fungus. $750

28 f2.8, MM, distagon,with dedicated Contax rubber hood,case, excellent condition, glass pristine, no chip paints. $300


I accept paypal.Shipping costs depend on your location.
I took great care of my Contax gears and all lenses are in perfect working order.
I live in London. I can send photos on requests.