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Fuji 6x6/6x7 I got


New Member
Just acquired a used Fuji RF folder in excellent condition. I remember when Fuji began marketing them in the US. I was intrigued by the multiple formats available. Now having one I like the size factor for ease of carrying. The viewfinder is crystal clear and sharp. The patch is bright and focuses easily. Its aperture select and manual exposure with a built-in exposure meter. The crown jewel is the Fujinon 80 f3.5 lens. All reviews I read had nothing but praise for the sharpness of this lens. This is a film camera.


That's a lovely find; that lens is amazing. I use a lot of Fuji MF gear still and have also bought into their digital MF but I still have a couple of the GX680IIIs, a G617 and a G690 BL with 3 lenses including the AE 100mm. The quality of their glass is outstanding.


  • Fuji G617.jpg
    Fuji G617.jpg
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  • Fujica G690 - 100mm f3.5 Auto Electro lens.jpg
    Fujica G690 - 100mm f3.5 Auto Electro lens.jpg
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