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Rumor Fuji with 3 new cameras in 2015: X-Pro2 and 2 more



there are rumours, which seem to coem from reliable sources, that Fuj will bring the long awaited X-Pro2 this fall (2015), but earlier already a kind of cheap X-T1 brother and another X-A camera.

Specs for the X-Pro could be:

- APS-C sensor (TS + ASwN + AS)
– 24MP sensor (ASwN) – More than 16MP (ASwN)
– dual SD card slot
– coming late 2015 (TS + ASwN)
– tilt screen (AS)
– WiFi (AS)
– Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
– Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1 (AS)

Source: Fujirumours

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Best wishes



So Fuji officially announced it: X-A2 and XQ. The X-A2 has a Bayer sensor, flipscreen for selfies and an improved AF system. XQ hast an X-TRans sensor, same as in the X30.

No news about the Fuji X-Pro2 though. Still the rumour about a littel sister for teh X-T1 this spring...

Best wishes