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News Fuji X100V


Today Fuji will present the successor of the Fuj X100F. The usual internet leaks gave us already some insights. What we know so far (no official confirmation yet)

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What I found especially interesting is the new lens design of the 23/F2.0, the new viewfinder (seems similar to the one in the X-Pro3, now 4 stops ND filter (with X100F only 3 stops), the tiltable screen and the improved video capability.

Thanks to this, the X100V matures now even more into a "allround" camera for every day & travel use. This is an advantage over the Ricoh GR III, which is in my view the biggest competitor for the X100F/ X100V

The X100V will not be waterproof, neither it offers antishake.

There are already images on the net:



There will be a Fuji summit Live stream tonight (8pm London time). I guess there will be even more announcements beside of the X100V.

There are 2 ways to see the Live Stream tonight:

1. On the Fuji YouTube channel. Click here:

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or directly on the Fuji site:

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What do you think about the new X100V?


Here is the brochure (in Japanese) of the Fuji X100V.

We will have the live stream in this thread too, of course, so that you can chat here at the same time.

London time: 8pm
New York time: 3pm


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So specs as leaked before except for wheather resistance. It can be achieved if you put a filter with an adapter on the lens. The reason why they opted for this solution was, that they wanted to keep the size of the lens as small as in the older X100 models. Not everyone needs WR, but everyone wants a small lens in the X100 models ;)

So whoever needs WR, just put the filter on it and the users who do not need WR can continue to enjoy the small lens. Daumenhoch

  • The new lens is significantly better that the old one. They show comparison shots. Daumenhoch
  • The tilting screen is amazing. You have to look at it i the video. You can not see that it is a tilting screen. The whole back of the camera is really flat. IMHO a perfect solution Daumenhoch
I think except for IBIS (which would make the body probably bigger) Fuji achieved to implement all wishlists of the users in this model. Chapeau! Good Job1


In this video you can see a lot better how the ISO dial is working on the X100V, how flat the tilting screen is and why it needs an additional adapter & filter to make the X100V weather proof:



If I was into street photography, this would be one of my first choices. Great that the lens has been improved with that extra aspheric element. Very tempting...