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Fuji XF 23/2.0



I was able to test quickly the newly announced 23/2.0 (not the older 35/2.0) at the Photokina booth of Fuji. I have tested the AF speed of the 23/2.0 on an X-Pro2 and compared it with a 23/1.4. Unfortunately I have not had my X-Pro1 with me to make even better comparisons. So take it with a grain of salt.

The 23/1.4 is slightly faster on the X-pro2 than on the X-Pro1. But the new 23/2.0 is really fast on the X-pro2. Something like twice as fast from the feeling. Quick and snappy. No hunting at all. It is just there. You press the button and peng, it is sharp.

I was really impressed with that AF-speed difference. The 23/2.0 is also significantly smaller than my 23/1.4. Although I like the 23/1.4, with a size advantage and AF speed advantage that big, I am pretty sure that I will buy a 23/2.0 sooner or later.

I would have loved to try the 23/2.0 on my X-Pro1 to see whether this is giving also better/faster results as with my 23/1.4. Next time...


New Member
ooops, that's kind of difference in dimension for a lens only one f-stop slower.
I'm reding for first time of this new 2/23mm, might be an option for next lens.
thanks for posting


Hi Thomas,

we have to wait and see whether the smaller form factor will influence the image quality. My 23/1.4 is really great. I wonder whether Fuji did achieve similar " native" IQ with the 23/2.0 or whether it is done by software.

At the end of the day, I do not care how they achieve it, as long as it meets my minimum standards. But size and AF speed is really excellent with this new 23/2.0.