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Fuji XF 80/2.8 Macro & new lens roadmap


Next to the Fuji X-E3, Fuji also announced a new Macro lens, the XF80/2.8 and a new lens roadmap for 2018.

The 80/2.8 Macro is kind of big and heavy and not really a bargain...But it gets very good reviews... Size is 80 mm × 130 mm, weight is 750 g, filtersize is Ø 62 mm. Price: 1.299,- €, available in November 2017.

This is a review of Jonas Rask about the macro lens:

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This is a comparison of the XF80 vs XF90:

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In the new lens roadmap for 2018 there is now a XF8-16/2.8 and a XF200/2.0. This is the roadmap:


This is the press release:

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