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Fullframe chip possible


A question that might be of special interest for many of us is whether the lens mount of the Minolta lenses allows using a full-frame chip and whether Minolta should use full-frame chips.

As most of you know, ther are currently only 2 brandnames, who are offering full-frame chips. One is Canon with the Canon 1Ds and the other one is Contax with the Contax ND. But apart from these 2 models neither another camera-body of the same brand, nor any other brand is offering full-size chip-DSLR's.

Any thoughts about this?


Well-Known Member
Full 35mm frame chip?

Anything's possible, but what do people need and want and can afford?

Canon proved that new super wide angle lenses for the existing lens mount resolve the desire for overcoming the teleconverter effect of smaller chips, and they can sell new lenses in the deal! Nikon and Sigma quickly followed.

Why not slap a Minolta V mount lens on and reduce your weight?

I think the question is one of marketing science, not technical possibilities and physical science.

Or should I write marketing $cience? ;-)



Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon

Minolta Vivitar Tamron Fujifilm Ilford Kodak Adobe Hewlett Packard et cetera Photographer

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Canon and Kodak made a full frame Digital SLR, Minolta did bring SSM Lenses on the Market already. And it was not a 28-80mm lense with SSM, only 80-200 and the 300mm lenses are available with SSM wich would convert in a 160-400 or 600mm Lense with a smal sized Chip.
Why schould they dont bring out a full frame chip SLR ? Picture-noise culd be reduced only with a FF Chip.
The price of the Kodak DCS14 did drop from the sky in the last year.

So the prices will drop more quickly when Minolta brings out ther full frame Digital SLR, so they had to wait to make more money.


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>Peter's right; it's a marketing question. But I think he oversimplifies. For people who value tele over wide angle, a less-than-full-frame DSLR would be just peachy; for people like me who visualize the opposite way, it would barebly be worth considering. I'd like to walk around with one set of lenses and two bodies, film and digital, that use them both the same way. Having spent a lot for good WA glass, I'd hate to spend all over again for shorter lenses that won't work on my film body. If I'm going to need different lenses for my digital SLR, the impetus to stick with the same brand diminishes -- why not something like the Olympus E-1, that shares nothing with its film stablemates.? I'm sure others will be coming up with something similar, especially as it's an opening for digicam makers not already in the film SLR market.