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Fun in PS...


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This might be fun for you "Northeners" ie. those heading into extreme winters that leave you "housebound".

I like to also make "miniatures" in my studio and special effects.

Here is an example I did for a recent competition. The requirement was to use a small "cocktail parasol" in any way.

I set this up on a little 650mm X 650mm table, so without further delay...

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


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    Fun in PS 2.jpg
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Hi Jim

That is a funny idea. Makes me feel I need vacation. Currently the weather is here cold and wet in Germany. This would be a nice idea for an ad in a journal. Something like: "buy an icecream and feel like in holidays"

Best wishes


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Thanks, Dirk. People living on the Australian coast are already experiencing beach days, but I live inland. No matter for me as I prefer the bush. Water recreation is out for me as I would need to remove my hearing aid, making any further audible communication with others impossible.

But as I said, i prefer the bush anyway. ;)

Sincere regards, Jim R