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Fungus Finder


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Well a bit late in this digital age to start playing with the N system
I guess, but I just acquired a N1 and some kit....

BUT, in the view finder, I have just noticed something on the inside of the glass, and on a lens just inside. Looks like something "growing" across the surface of the glass.

I hope this will be a simple, (and cheap !) cleaning operations.(Located in the UK)

Is this "normal" for a N1


Hi Stephen,

Good luck with this one...

AlphaDigital in Reading would usually be a first point of call as they still look after the later Contax models like the NI. The lens though would probably be sent to Japan - if the lab would accept it. Quite a few places now won't accept lenses with fungus because of the risk of cross-contamination with other lenses from the spores.

I would try Sendean Cameras, in London's Soho, as they have people that can work miracles with lenses - they saved a couple of my C/Y Zeiss lenses that suffered internal damage.

Just Google either of the above names for their contact details.



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Thanks for the tips Graham,
There's nothing wrong with the lens, 24-85, it's the glass/lens inside the pentaprism, on the body only. Looks like an ice or snow flake pattern. I thought at first it was a smear mark from eyelashes etc, but when I couldn't clean it of, and in bright light I could see it was inside.... Obviously some what disappointed, even if I "only" paid 190GBP for the body, and the rest is mint and boxed.



Hi Steve,
Delighted to hear the lens is OK. The camera should not present too big a problem.

One thing though, if the camera and lens had been stored together before you bought them, you might be wise to ensure that the lens is kept in a non-humid environment as the spores from the camera may already be present.

Have fun with the N1.



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Well little risk, as the camera came from Bangladesh and the lens from Germany !!!.... But good call I'll keep them a part until it's cleaned.

Actually I've ended up with two !!! hmmmm the wonders of getting carried away on ebay ! So I'll be selling after it's cleaned.

Currently have Two N1's, two 24-85's and one 80-200, 280, and 360 flash, plus contax UV filters...

Nice bit's of kit, I like the focus manually, but can hit the button on the back for an instant auto focus. Ergonomically very good, nice to hold, and controls fall to your finger tips. Can't say the same about my Canon 5D!


Nice collection of Contax gear!

Incidentally, if you ever need the PS-220 for the TLA 360, let me know as I have a spare now that I tend to use the TLA480 more. It gives it so many more flashes and really speeds up recycling.

At least the 360 can operate without it - I often see the 480 for sale but very seldom with the PS-120 Power Pack. Crazy as, unlike the 360, the 480 can't take internal batteries! I know of a few people who've got the flash and simply have never been able to use it....

My favourite though is still the RTF540 - I have 5 of them and 4 of their dedicated slaves - add some of their coloured filters and you can get some amazing images in the studio!

Have fun.


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It turns out no N series has been worked on "officially" in the UK, they have always been sent back to Japan! :0 This is an option, sounds expensive, and 4-6 weeks.

The London shop sounded confident they can do something to help.

Thanks for the offer on the PS-220, but I'm only an occasional flasher ;-)