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G System and Nikon Flash



Hi Folks,

Like many here, I'm a previous Nikon SLR owner that has purchased a G system. For me, I recently got a G1 system that came with a TLA 200 flash. I was not impressed with the feature set and pretty much a complete lack of control on the TLA 200.

I decided to test some photos using my Nikon SB-28 and SB-30 flashes on the G1. I used X synch speed of 100 and set my flashes for auto operation. Both Nikon flashes feature a good set of control options with the SB-28 having a more fine level of control. I can summarize the results as follows:


Great for bounced flash. I used a Sto-fen omni bounce and got fine results. The Nikon flash metering is quite precise. My only issues is that the SB-28 automatically goes into standby mode and of course the G1 will not provide wakeup function. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the flash and manually wake up.


This is the best mini flash on the market IMHO. It has a decent guide no of 52 (100 ISO 28mm) with a full set of controls for auto and manual settings. I rarely photograph in complete darkness nor need more than 10 ft of range so this is plenty of juice for me. For auto settings, apertures can be set in 1/2 fstop increments over 4 fstop range. On the G1, it balances extremely well. Unlike the TLA 200, there are no red eye issues. You don't have zoom controls, but get a wide angle diffuser. Best of all, standby mode must be set manually so you don't have the problem I described with the SB-28. The pictures turned out great. With the level of control this little flash gives, you can set your fill flash levels to pretty much exactly what you want. This will now be my main flash for my G1.

My next experiment will be with multiple flash. The SB-30 has a built in wireless slave BTW.


Well-Known Member
Thanks a lot for doing all the work I keep on meaning to do. I can't wait to see what the results of your next test are.

I've tried Nikon's SB28 on my RZ67 and had great results.

Thanks again! I have the TLA200 and really do not care for it at all.