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G1 or G2 that is the question

Hello Contax Users,
I am getting a G body in the next few weeks.
But considering that I have a limited budget , I wonder which one I should get.
I already own a Contax T2, a Ricoh GR1V and a Yashica T4.
Knowing that I'm not a professional photographer, do you think that I should get a G1 right away or wait a little longer in order to buy a G2.
And if I go with the G1, which lens do you suggest I should get?


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> Recommend waiting and getting a G2 with either the 35 or 45 mm lens. I had a G1 and I'm very fussy. Focus is the issue. Sold it to buy the G2.



Je possède les deux boitiers. Je suis tès satisfait du G1 mais le G2 est beaucoup plus rapide. Ceci dit le G1 est aujourd'hui très bon marché. Il fonctionne très bien, même avec le 90 mm...

Je possède le 21, le 35 et le 90 mm. Personnellement je n'ai jamais apprécié la focale 45 ou 50. Question de goût mais ausi de possibilités. Je ne sais pas, mais lorsqu'une photo est réussie avec le 35, elle est réellement "géniale". Si je n'avais qu'un seul objectif à acheter ce serait le 35 qui est au demeurant excellent.

Bonnes photos,



> Hi Bertil I've used a pair of G1s for some time and recently bought a G2. Personally, I find the difference between the two to be generally over exagerated. I think the G1 is a fine camera. Perhaps because I've used them for a couple of years, I don't find the efficiency of the focus system to be a problem. What I don't like about G1 is the rather small, dim viewfinder and the noise it makes when focusing. In this respect one of my G1s makes more noise than the other. The G2 is much quieter but NOT silent. The viewfinder is slightly better too. If reportage/decisive moment type photography is your thing, the G2 is worth waiting for, it's quiet operation and quicker focusing is worth having. If you do a bit of everything though, a G1 might work for you. As for choice of lens, the 45 would give you something different to what you've already got, and it's very sharp. My choice every time for general work would be the 35, but that's a personal preference. However, my favourite is the 21. I think it's one of the best lenses available in the 35mm format - an incredible piece of glass. But why choose, they make a nice pair! Start with the 35 and add the 21 later. Hope this helps Malcolm


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I agree with Malcolm, the 21mm is my favorite lens. I have a 21,28,45 and 90. In the order of most use is the 21, 45, 90 and 28. I do not have a 35. All the lenses I have are excellent. Depending upon what you want to shoot, a 45 and 21 is also a great start.

Thank You All for help.
There is a special offer here in Paris consisting of a G1 with a 35. I think I'm going to take that option, and get the 21 as soon as I can afford it.
I really appreciated your help.


stop, stop, stop! i'm not shure, is it poosible to mount tzhe 21 biogon on the G1? Could somebody help to bertil in this question?

Hans Villars, Switzerland



Bertil is offerred a G1 with an 35mm lens so it is possible to mount an 21mm, But watch the green label in the film chamber then it is for sure the G1 is an upgraded version for (35mm and 21mm lenses)

Bertil depending what your decision is have fun with your choice,, both cameras are really masterpieces and serve you very well.



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G1 Film Loading

I didn't like the G1 because the film was too hard to load. The space was too tight to accept a cassette without a wrestling match. So I got the G2 and solved the problem. Was that a fluke or do other G1 owners have the same problem?


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I use both the G2 and a "green label" G1. Lenses are 21, 28, 45, and 90.

I tend to use the G2 more mainly because it's fitted with the databack and I find this very handy giving me lens and exposure data.

Having said that both cameras are superb and equally easy to use. Never had a focus problem with either.

Take your choice - you'll be happy whichever one you choose.

p.s. why have I got both - B+W in one, colour transparency in the other.