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G2 current prices



I am considering to buy a used G2 outfit (body+28+45+90+TLA200). To me it seems prices have dropped significantly compared to the price guide from the parallell thread at this forum. Does anyone have any indications on current price levels from recent deals? Is there a big difference in price for the black system?

I really would appreciate some comments on this.

Best regards,


I just bought exactly this system on e-bay from Los Angeles for GBP 606. I also bought a 21mm Biogon and a 35mm Planar and the total for the complete system came to just under GBP 1000. I am trying to tell my wife that it's a good idea to complete the set with the 16mm Hologon but she isn't convinced.


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Two weeks ago I bought a G2 system
...body/35/45/90 for $900US. I also decided I wanted the other parts of the system after reviewing used offerings. I picked up a 28 for 150US and a 21 for $295US separately. My local dealer had a stale TLA 200 for $100US and picked it up too. I didn't ask my wife but I bought a used 16mm from BH and paid $895US (ouch...but I really wanted should come today). I agree with you. I didn't plan this purchase but when I saw the prices, it floored me so I dove in...FYI...I have put four rolls of film through the camera trying to shake it down and I couldn't be happier than a pig in mud.

Those prices seem exceptionally low, and probably not representative of the market as a whole. Hell, for those prices I would have bought it all to have back-ups of the body and lenses. KEH will buy a EX+ condition 28mm Contax G lens for $150, so it is likely you paid wholesale or trade-in value. Yes, you got a very good deal. Others shouldn't expect the same unless they are VERY lucky.

The price that are found in the ads in Shutterbug or KEH's prices are probably fairly representative of the market.


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Thanks for your comment. Now I really fell god about the impulse. the prices for G2 equipment in general seem too low. Did I pay too much for the 16mm set up at $895US? It was the only impulse I wasn't sure about. I really wanted the lens. Thanks. Greg

PS...It would be amazing if Contax would manufacture a digital G2 body. The sensors are such that 1:1 might be possible...but then Kyocera can't even get the ND production/distribution/quality control right!


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I wish that we in the UK could get anywhere near your pricing. A well used but good mechanical condition G2 would cost around GBP400 and a minter around GBP500, with another GBP140 for the standard 45mm lens. For my G2, I would like to get either a S/H 28mm or 35-70mm in black but would have to pay around GBP200 for the 28 and over GBP600 for the zoom. I was in Sarasota recently but none of the dealers there had anyting interesting in stock. C/Y and N SLR stuff seems to be falling in price a little but G lenses are staying expensive. Wilson


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Just a thought for all thoughs in Europe. The Euro is really strong against the US dollar right now. If you are going to do it you should do it now and then buy from the web like B&H, Samy’s or many other reputable Photo stores. Ebay is always an option but buyer beware.


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The problem we in Europe have is that we get caned for import duty, VAT, customs handling charge and collection fee, which can add about 35-40% to US purchase price. It is all a bit of a lottery; sometimes you get charged it and sometimes not. Now if the new lens is attached to the front of your existing camera when you come back from holiday...... Wilson


Hello Wilson,
comparing prices between the USA and Austria is even far worse.
The 16mm Hologon for the G System costs approx. 1900,00 Euro (2370,00 US $), the same lense can be bought in the USA for about 1000,00 US $. I have been thinking of importing such a lens to Austria, which would cost me an additional 20% Tax, but then that would be a "gray" import, wouldn't it?
Funny price policies by Kyocera.


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I do not understand why you do not buy in Hong Kong (european buyers). A guy who also sells through Ebay (with over 1900 pos. comments) sells G2 stuff and lenses for nothing! He is willing to "help" you with the VAT (with succes!) also. A complete set (body 16-28-45-90 with tla 200) for about 2500 dollar (=3150 euro) including post and package...
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