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G2 Gd-2 Data Back


Does anyone have a pdf of the directions for Gd-2 data back for the 2?

Or maybe directions to a site that might help me set it up. I have date and time working but need to understand the various other options.


Well-Known Member
Instructions for these are hard to find. Did you try calling ToCad in New Jersey by any chance? They might send a hardcopy version out to you, they're very nice people.



I did not try ToCad. but I did get a copy of the directions from another source. Thanks for the idea. I now have it in PDF.

Ed Albesi

New Member
Sorry to resurrect this old topic, but does anyone have the aforementioned pdf? I'm also looking for the user manual/ directions for setting up the GD-2 on my Contax G2
Thanx in advance


if it is not in our download section, we do not have it. If someone has it and could scan i to be able to upload it here or send it to me as an PDF and I upload it, this would be great