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G2 Outfit up for sale



Sigh. I gotta pay for school, so my G system must go. I still am keeping my SLR system though, yay!.

Here it is, whole or parts, best offer wins it.

-G2 Titanium Body, with box and manual. Couple marks on back, not really noticable.
-45 Planar, with bag, UV filter. Perfect.
-90 Sonnar, with bag, UV filter, and hood. Hood has some wear.
-Besseler bag I kept it all in.
-A circular polarizing filter 46mm thread size.

Contact me at If parts are sold, I will update.


More information. I really prefer to sell it as a set first. The cost for the set is $950 obo.

The circular polarising filter is a heliofan filter (I bought it for 91.00).

Let me know.


If the Ford is a GT-40 or GT-350 or GT-500 or Mustang fastback or an original Cobra? Da__ straight.

Just because it's a Nikon doesn't mean it's bad. Nikon makes some very good stuff.



Would you trade your Ferrari for a Ford?"


Still haven't had much interest... Sad.

I think I will be putting the kit on ebay here. I shoulda have sold it before Xmas.

Best offer takes it.


The Kit is up on ebay. It's been up for 24 hours, and it's already up to 610.00, check it out if you are interested.

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> A couple of weeks ago I presented the fact on this forum that I had inadvertently put twenty rolls of Kodak Max 400 unexposed film in my checked baggage. A call to the Kodak 1-800 info number got the response that the film was probably destroyed. Today I got a roll processed that I had "test shot." All shots were outdoors and one in particular was a very colorful, color saturated snap of a clothing outfit hanging outside a store in Auburn, CA, a good test subject. What I experienced is that the d-min (or base fog) of the film seems to be about doubled from the xrays. I duplicated the appearance of the base by doubling two pieces of unexposed film leader which approximately duplicated the fogged film. The color of the single layer of fogged base compared to the double layer of unfogged base is different but that could be due to using two different labs or to the given batches of film. In any case, the pictures I took printed superbly. Plenty of sharpness, contrast, and color saturation and fidelity. I am relieved as this means that the remaining 18 rolls are usable. I won't take any of them to Europe in April - not worth even the tiny risk that not all rolls were equally damaged. And besides, film has gotten so cheap, why take a chance with thirty bucks worth of film on a $9000 trip? I hope my experience and this info is helpful to anyone who might be reading this. As a former Kodak tech rep, I should have known better but at least the results were not disastrous.


Last time before it is gone. My item is up on ebay —current price is 800.03. I'm throwing in a ton of accessories, its definately worth your time to look if you are considering purchasing a G system.