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G2 Viewfinder eyepiece



I broke my G2 viewfinder piece today and I was wondering what the best and quickest way to replace it would be. Camera store or Contax directly?
Anybody else broken theirs?? It is quite flimsy.
Thanks, Gary.


I have not experienced a broken viewfinder. How did it break? Was it dropped? Did the viewfinder just fall off?

What is broken - the viewfinder lens, the casing? Is it craked? Did anything shatter? I thought the camera was made of titantium? Please be more specific.



I was cleaning the camera and was trying to take off the eyepiece so you can add a diopter if necessary when it flicked up and broke the two tiny plastic catches.


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Does anyone know if a rubber type cup can be mounted on the eyepiece? It would be helpful for reading the information when it is bright outside. scott