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G2 war stories


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I recently packed my G2 around europe for two months dropping it without protection from around 3 feet onto concrete and hardly a scratch. The only thing that happened to it was a hair or fuzz is in the viewfinder but it of course doesn't affect the photos. Does anyone have any stories about how the G2 did or did not hold up under severe circumstances? Scott


>I gave my G1 a pretty hard knock recently. I reached into the car and yanked out my camera bag, and the G1 came flying out of it and hit the concrete, pretty hard. The B&W filter ring had a dent in the rim and there are a few light scuff/scratch marks. Otherwise, the camera works great. I was really upset at first as I'd only purchased the camera about 2 days before it happenned. I learned a very important lesson though; to always keep my bags zipped up unless I need stuff. Its too easy to forget they're unzipped. --The Other Scott