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GD2 Databack


Does anyone have experience with the GD-2 databack? In particular suggestions on the best way to use it?

I don't seem to be able to reliably setup up the back to print index slides at the beginning of the film. Sometimes it loads and skips the first two frames correctly but then other times it seems to ignore it. Any ideas or suggestions?


Well-Known Member
I have the GD-2 Databack as well. If you get the frame 1 & 2 Index prints that means you have the correct switch turned on inside the camera back. The only thing I can think of is the contacts aren't making good connections or are a bit dirty. When you close the door the film automatically winds. The contacts on the Data-back is what tells the camera that it is there and that you have the switch turned on for index prints on frame 1 and 2. Make sure the switch inside the back is slid in the right position as well. Maybe it is inbetween positions.

Hope this helps.


Need Help!
Could anyone have the manual of the GD2? I got the second hand GD2 but without manual. I don't know how to use the back.

thks in advance



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I am about to buy a G2 and I cannot find any real information online about the databack. Does it allow for "betwen frame" printing as do the Contax SLR backs?

If you can give me a pointer to some information I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!



Hello Kent,
have just shot my first film with the G2 databack. I wanted all the info on the first two negatives.
Ofcourse you can also have the printing between the frames, no problem.
In addition the datat back can be used as a timer, with many functions. I can only recomend it.
Regards from Vienna


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Just a reminder - that the databack calculates approximated values for the set aperture based on an external light meter. I find that in brightly lit outdoor conditions or really dark conditions it will become +- 1 full stop off from the actual set aperture.

This is unavoidable given aperture data from the lens is not communicated to the body of the camera. The shutter speed on the other hand is accurate and is calculated by the camera itself. For this reason I would not use the data for any serious record keeping, but instead use it only for a rough estimate of conditions when the picture was taken.