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German - Raw PhotoStudio is in English


Active Member

Images exported from the German Raw PhotoStudio appear in two separate files, a Tiff file and a .PSR file.

Clicking on the .PSR file opens ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom v, this software has the same colour adjustments as the German edition.

It seems that when you purchase the German Raw PhotoStudio you also get the English ArcSoft version.
I have since found this application in my (Mac) Applications Folder and copied to the Dock.

I have used this English Language version to improve individual image colours, Blue Sky, Red Roses etc on previously edited saved images.
I'm delighted with the improvements.

At £35.46, this German software is an outstanding purchase!

Regards to all,



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Just discovered that the images saved by the English ArcSoft version are 1/16 size!

To change the image size requires the purchase of the software at $99.99.

Sorry for misleading everyone.




New Member
GIMP an wavelet denoise can be an alternative ?


maybe that GIMP (free) and the Wavelet Denoise and Wavelet Sharpen plugin can do what K.R. did with Raw Photo Studio.

I have just posted an example on the original K.R. discussion.