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Getting G2


New Member
I was offerred to buy G2 body, Biogon 28mm, Planar 45mm, Sonnar 90mm and some accessories for 1500e. Is that correct price?


sorry, i dont quite understand... are you selling or buying?

during the contax event nov1-9th, the g2+28+45+90+ flash could be bought for less than US $1300 (new after rebates)..

now you can buy them for about 10% more than that..

i have no clue how much these sell for in europe....but 1500E which is 1500X1.2 US$ is a lot...

if you are the seller...i envy you..


oh btw these are the prices for silver g2 i am talking is much more expensive and i think it has no rebates..



i,am looking for a TLA 200 flash for the g2.
Who can help me out?