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GG2 lenshood for 45mm also suitable for 35mm lens



I bought a lenshood for the 35mm lens for Contax G. At home, I saw it was a GG-2 (for 45mm) instead of a GG-1 (for 28mm). Contax advices the GG-1 for the 35mm...

Is the GG-2 also suitable for the 35mm lens or do I get vignetting? I can screw the UV filter inside the lenshood, so maybe that will help a bit?


Hi Sander,

I have a gut feeling that it would work fine with the 35mm. I have tried it on the 28mm (don't own the 35) and it was fine (admittedly stopped down to around f8). Of course, different lens, different design, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work, though perhaps at f2 you might get some vignetting.



Hm, why should Contax recommend GG-1 if GG-2 would work as well? The longer hood would allow an even better flare-reduction.

Just try it out:
Shoot a plain sky, white area or something like that - at full aperture.