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Gold Lenses


Hi everyone. Just curious - I have recently acquired this gold 28mm lens. It's an oddball: unlike the gold 50mm anniversary lenses, it has rubber grips and not lizard skin. Also, it is a very late production unit judging by the number and it is an MM lens, although the f22 is not marked in green. A 35mm lens in gold was also sold at the same time. Does anyone know why they were made? Cheers,



Well-Known Member
Hi Graham, I am not sure but I remember faintly having seen a golden Contax RTS II anniversary body once somewhere ...(?) --rainer


Hi Rainer,
Thank for the response. I'm intrigued - I have a couple of the gold RTS' - one German and one European - from 1982 (I think) but I did not know there was a gold RTSII. There were some odd RTS cameras, such as the Fundus and the gold versions but I also have one (it is still as perfect as the day it was made) with a gold base plate which is marked 'for demonstration only'.

I also spotted a 35mm f2.8 in 'titanium finish' on ebay last week, although it didn't make its reserve price. I know Contax made a few RX bodies in unusual colours as anniversary models such as a Titan (titanium) and at least one in a subdued red covering.

I'm pleased to say that all these old RTS cameras and lenses continue to take great pics - a tribute to their rugged engineering and ergonomic design.