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Good Cheap Source For GSystem Bag



I would recommend that you look at the M-Classics bag at
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. It is a new version of a Leica-style shooter's bag, 11x14x4. It is constructed of a polypropylene material and comfortably holds the G2 with lens (in a quickly accessed shooter's pocket), all of the other G2 lenses, flash, etc. The bag contains three front pockets that can be used for accessories, a light meter, and film. The strap attaches to the back of the bag rather than to the sides, again permitting quick access. Other advantages include very light weight, sturdy construction, and "unobviousness" as a camera bag (looks more like a brief case or satchel). The strap also quickly adjusts to permit the bag to be carried close under your arm if you need to quickly walk or run. Cost is $145 US ($138 + 7 shipping). Check it out! The only slight negative is that the bag is not padded for protection of gear. However, it is not meant to be a padded bag. It is available in black with black leather trim and black with tan leather trim.


Keep you eyes open for listings for the Contax leather G-system bag being auctioned on eBay. I bought one in an auction almost brand new for US$135 last fall. I liked it so much, I bought another one for use with my digital camera, listed as being in "excellent" condition, in an eBay auction yesterday for US$85. I'd guess that one of these bags is listed about each month. The price range seems to be from a low (mine) of $85 to about $165.


I'd just like to agree with Eric that the M Classics bag is well worth a look, particularly if you're looking for a soft-ish bag that is large enough to swallow a 2 body outfit plus all those other things we often need to carry around: glasses, mobile phone, wallet, passport etc. It's great for travel and beautifully made. Customer service was excellent too. Mine doubles as a brief case and is a good size for A4 documents or my 12 inch ibook.

To give you an idea of how versatile tha bag is, it even swallows my Ebony RSW 45 view camera, complete with two extra lenses and a 6x9 film back. yet it doesn't feel large, and the way it's designed to mould to you is excellent. I certainly prefer it to my Billingham Hadley, which I'd previously used.

Regards, Malc.