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Good tripod ball head for use with a G2


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I'm looking for recommendations for a better ballhead for my gitzo and G2 combo. I currently have a gitzo (can't remember the model) ballhead but find it inconvenient with the G2 when using autofocus. It just takes too long to set focus and then adjust the composition, relock and shoot. Any ideas???

Again, bang for the buck is important.



I find the small Linhof Universal I to be a good match for the G2. It's smooth and locks solidly. However, it's not a quick release design, so is slow to mount and remove.



Before someone starts with the Arca-Swiss routine, let me say I am very happy with a Bogen/Manfrotto "Compact Ball Head" with RC2 "quick release"/  Cat. No: 486RC2.
You can find info about it in the bogen website (
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I paid US $56. It can handle the G2 (and, in my limited experience, the NX with the VS 70-300) just fine.




I changed from a Gitzo head to a Manfrotto. I use this with the G2, the Nikon F4s and the Hasselblad. It works very fine without to be to big. Unfortunately I can't tell you the exact Type or Nr. It's a medium sized head.

Hans Villars, Switzerland



I went through quite a bit thinking about which ball head to get for my G2. I went through lots of permutations, read about "Really Right Stuff" quick release adapters, etc. I went into B & H with all this info, and fortunately an experienced person there told me all this heavy duty equipment was overkill, and that I was reading too much on the net. I got a 486RC2 with a Bogen 3001BPRO tripod and it works great. I also on his advice bought an extra quick release plate just in case I carry an extra body with me.

Rob Landis


Well-Known Member
The products you purchased are of fine quality. But keep in mind that B&H salesman sometimes push a product that is a slow mover, overstocked, etc.

As far as over kill is concerned, I purchsed for the future. I knew I was going MF with an RZ. My tripod works great with it.

I stayed away from carbon fiber since it costs 3x the price and blows away in the wind.

The most important thing is that YOU are satisfied. If you have any doubts, return it while you can. The first sign should be if you look at the thing wondering if you did the right thing with your purchase.


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i've decided that i can, for now, use what i've got, but want to modify the G2 functionality a bit. I'd like to be able to set focus lock on the back button without holding it in, but at the same time be able to lightly touch the shutter button to override this. i can't find my manual at the moment... is this possible and how? this would make it easier for me to fiddle with the tripod without losing my focus lock. I know that I could also use manual focus but on this particular camera, i'm not used to it (i'm so much more used to a focus dial on the lens). scott


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I am extremely happy with my Acratech Ultimate Ballhead. It is very lightweight, smooth and solid, and it utilizes Arca-type plates. Unlike the legendary Arca-Swiss B1 ballhead, however, the Acratech never jams.