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News Google Pixel 2 announced


Google presented yesterday its new smartphone. The Google Pixel 2 has some improvements over the "old" Pixel. The feature that I find the most interesting is the "portrait mode".

The Pixel 2 has only one lens. But it seems that Google achieved an impressive software implementation to blurr the background realistically.

If Google achives this better than any other smartphone brand with only one lens, it shows us what can be achieved in the future of photography with real camera systems. That would "eat" one of the advantages (shallower DOF) of bigger sensor systems vs. smaller sensor systems.

Why carrying a big and heavy sesnor system, if you can achive the same Bokeh and background blurring with software in a camera with i.e. a 1 inch sensor or microfourthirds?

Of course there are also other advantages of bigger sensors. But if one is happy in general with his7her small format system and the only thing he/she is missing the shallower DOF, it will not takke that long until this is available also for smaller sensors. Without buying big and expensive F1.2 or 0.95 lenses ;)

Look at the video of Marques Brownlee for further information about the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL:

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DXOmarks tested the Google Pixel 2. As always, the newest flaship gets the most points. But the comparison shots between the Google Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 are interesting regarding Bokeh:

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