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Got GP1 but no Powerpack



Hi all,

so I've got a GP-1 on E-Bay but not the Powerpack.
What would you recomend?




I've ran into the same situation - the P-8 and P-8D powerpacks can be used, but it would seem that some generic digital camera power pack sold by powerex, digipower should work. They have 6v models and have capacities as high as 2700mAh which will last over 100 rolls of film with the G2. The powerex 1800mAh model is nice as it comes with various size heads and allows reverse polarity as well as has an LED meter to show battery levels and is sold at
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the only thing you need to find out is what polarity the GP-1 plug bottom is. I personally use the P-8 (AA rechargeable) I got at B&H used department for $35. So you may want to look around for a good deal. Hope these options help - I may still get the Powerex - it is a good match as far as power weight and even color goes