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Green World


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I took a trek upvalley today, since we had some nice sunshine. The greens of VERY early Spring are starting to come forth, and it was mesmerizing to be walking in what seemed to be almost a green mist.

I'm still hacking away at the SD-14 and SPP 2.5. I feel I am improving, but the learning curve is a tough one. :z04_computer_haukap

The valley is full of detail, and it is very difficult to minimize subject matter. So rather than try to narrow the landscape down, I decided to just let it go, and shoot for color and light values.

The SD-14 is simply wonderful for rendering the correct hues! So, I am pleased on that end. I'll post these for some comparison images for later in the season when things really start to explode in a sea of green. The web resizing has knocked down the resolution, unfortunately.

I used the Tokina SD 28-70 in Pentax mount for the first and third images.

I used the Pentax 100/4 Macro for the second and fourth images.


  • Hanging_Moss_Kestner.jpg
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  • Moss_Pond2_Web.jpg
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  • Alder_Dwarf_Bramble_Web.jpg
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Beautyfull light and colours :z02_respekt:
It is balsam for my eyes, as everything is gray over here.
I´m waiting for spring to come soon!!!


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Very nice pictures indeed! Green is really pleasing to the eyes :) i also observe that the first image is a little blurred?? Is is focus or software issues?

Thanks for sharing!


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Well, it also stays pretty gray here most all Winter, Uwe. Fortunately, there is always this mini-burst of green in March, a result of the Trilliums, Oxalis, Sphagnum, other Mosses, and Bryophytes tend to "wake up" and start pumping chlorophyll. This will be nothing like the big burst in late May though.